Update 10.16.20

We are NOT one of those people that think this Pandemic is a hoax, blown out of proportion, or that it's magically going to disappear. We take this virus EXTREMELY serious. So you can be assured this thing is not being taken as a joke

at The Kitchen Andover.

So here we are on the uphill climb to what may be another spike in cases. Political stances aside, we do not, and we HAVE NOT, waited for mandates or for the proverbial 'stuff' to hit the fan before we took action. We do what we feel is the safest and best thing for our customers and for our crew. Business second, not first.

So currently we are open for inside business or to come in, order and take out or even sit down and eat. We do have a drive through window for those of you not ready to come into businesses just yet and you can even order online here at this site, pay online and just drive up and drive away. There are plexiglass windows up and our staff wear masks at ALL times when they are up front in the view of you, the customers. Gloves are worn by all when touching food and frequently changed. The bathrooms are cleaned and sprayed with Lysol very often and the shop is super cleaned after we close for the next day. 
We have outside seating and the tables and chairs are cleaned in between each customers and we serve on disposable plates/cups.

We have micro-germ filters on our air conditioner, cycling air when we are open and some of our tables were removed to make sure our in-house guests are spaced properly and comfortably.

We are keeping a close eye on the virus, if cases spike, we will be closing the doors immediately to walk-in business and utilizing our drive up window and even curb side pick-up if you prefer.

Let us know if you have questions or needs.

Thank you for your business!


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