Update 1.13.21

We are NOT one of those people that think this Pandemic is a hoax, blown out of proportion, just another flu, a way for the government to control you, or that it's magically going to disappear. There is a Pandemic and there are politics, we are not playing with politics with our and your health.

We take this deadly virus EXTREMELY serious. We wear masks because we care about you, whether they work or not. We sanitize, wash our pens you sign with, none of us at The Kitchen travel, or socialize in person. Any of the students that work with us have tested and/or isolated prior to working after going off to school.

So you can be assured Covid-19 is not being taken lightly at The Kitchen Andover. We don't wait for the state to tell us we should shut the doors to inside sales, we do it first. The safety of our staff and our amazing community is #1, period!

Currently we are ONLY doing drive-thru window service.

Ways to place your order:

1. Click the 'Order Online' link

you will see the menu, order online, pay online and drive on up.

You are also welcome to pay at the window instead of online.

2. Call and place your order with our counter team at 603-977-0128


3. Come to our drive-thru window and order and pay in person


There are menus on the outside of our door and available on this site as well. We hope to see you soon!